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Photographer, photojournalist Alexander Andryushchenko

Photographer, photojournalist Alexander Andryushchenko

I love what I do and do not do what I don’t love... I love life, people, nature... the list is long. I don’t like... But I don’t want talk about it. The list is not too short also.

“And where is the Photo?” – you’ll ask. Of course it’s number one at the list! And what does it mean for me? It’s hard to say out loud about great love... But you can snoop.

I am one of those photographers who are popularly referred to as “dinosaurs.” On the one hand – a little sad to know that the early years far behind, and the human age is not limitless. But there is a funny side – an invaluable experience and fading love for photography. How big my experience is? - Before “killing” my third digital “SLR,” I managed to “mess up” more than a dozen kilometres of photographic film. Without exaggeration. However, I haven’t seen Lenin alive…))) How big is this love? – It is comparable with a feeling to beloved woman: my wife, for example, is jealous of photography))).

Passion for photography came when I was a school boy (approximately 1973). As a professional I consider myself since 1987. I’m a member of two creative unions: the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine (1993), the National Union of Theatrical Figures of Ukraine (2007).

I’m publishing in periodicals. I’m making personal photo exhibitions. Some of my works are in private collections in different parts of the globe. I participate in Ukrainian and international photography competitions. I have the awards.

Now I live and work in Kherson. There is a workshop with professional studio equipment and the latest in digital technologies.

I have extensive experience in many genres of photography. 

My specialization and professional skills:

  • art, advertising photography
  • photojournalism, reportage
  • art, business portrait
  • creation a portfolio for models, actors and musicians
  • creative projects
  • theatre, stage, rock festivals, concerts, shows, public events
  • sports
  • weddings
  • “open air” photographing and in a professional studio
  • master classes, private lessons

My activity in commercial photography began for me in 1998. Since then in my track record – and cooperation with advertising agencies in Ukraine, and work in the centre of advertising photography "F-Studio," Kiev, and 10 years in CJSC “Tavria Games” as the official photographer and the International Theatre Festival “Melpomene of Tavriya,” where I'm working since its inception (1999), and International rock festival “kRock u Maybutne”…

Among my clients, you can find well-known people (politicians, businessmen, representatives of creative professions), and widely known in narrow circles, as people say, “mere mortals.” In my work I never divide people by the level of importance, because I love what I do. And you don’t need to take my word: better try it for yourself!

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